Friday's Tongue EP

by Duncan Park

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mossed Absolutely stunning EP. Such beautiful music and incredible lyrics. I feel like I need to read JM Coetzee's book after listening to this! Favorite track: Crest.
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New EP "Friday's Tongue" now available for free.

Exquisitely recorded and mixed by the immensely talented Eduard Bierman at his pozzie in Umhlanga in the afternoon of Saturday the 11th of February 2017.

Artwork by Annemarie Buchner Illustration.

Musically I was listening to a lot of Six Organs of Admittance, Nick Drake and John Martyn when I wrote these four songs.

Lyrically, the EP is based on JM Coetzee's retelling of the Robinson Crusoe story in his book "Foe". In this version of the story, Crusoe's black companion, Friday, has his tongue cut out and as such cannot speak for himself and is rendered voiceless.

There's a lot of unsubtle metaphor right there to be read into.

However, Friday's agency is not completely denied, and much like with popular resistance throughout human history, Friday is highly receptive of the dynamically liberating influence of music-making and dancing. ‘“He utters himself only in music and dancing, which are to speech as cries and shouts are to words.”’ (Coetzee, 1987: 142)

One can't help but feel a certain affinity with that sentiment.

Thanks to William Randles for lending me his copy of Foe and letting me hang on to it for a solid six months or so.

Please enjoy responsibly.


released February 16, 2017

Written and performed by Duncan Park
Recorded and mixed by Eduard Biermann

Recorded on a hot and humid afternoon on Saturday the 11th of February 2017 at Eduard's pozzie in Umhlanga, KZN.



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Duncan Park Durban, South Africa

Acid blues and psych folk - usually acoustic; sometimes electronic.

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Track Name: Friday's Tongue
Oh, Friday's Tongue
Cut from his mouth he can't speak for himself
Under the decks in their filth
A race enslaved for the greed of the rich and their sick perverted ilk

I have a voice I can abuse and claim to speak for others
Who have been silenced by the past and had their lives dissected
Every facet analysed and scrutinised by experts
Who claim to sympathise but parade the horrors like a circus

I plead
But I can't breathe
Oh yes I plead
But I can't breathe

Another word that is written
For the destitute and voiceless
They all had their tongues cut out
To be patronised and serviced
Only insofar as that their poverty
Can be explained
Using complex economics
And drug abuse as scapegoats to be blamed

I should seal my lips forever now my speech is like a curse
A privilege of deformity granted to me at birth
But my words cannot heal all the wounds that I have witnessed
On the bodies and the minds of others who have different pigments

I plead
But I can't breathe
Oh yes I plead
But I can't breathe

Coz I'm choking on my tongue
And I'm pale in this darkness
That I try to understand
But I fail for my lightness
And my privilege follows me
Like an overborne reward
That's for nothing I've accomplished
No it's just for being born

I can't breathe
I can't breathe
Now I'm choking on my tongue again
I'm choking on my tongue
Let me see
Let me see
And escape these hallowed corridors of history
I'm free
Track Name: Nest
The feathers that I plucked from those who trusted me the best
Will keep me safe and warm tonight as lining in my nest
Track Name: The Edmonton Killer
The flesh of native prostitutes
By no one shall be missed
For forty years I've picked my prey
Who's deaths would not insist
Inquiries, skulduggery
And middle class concerns
For people are not equals
But for work and kin and birth

I left them in the sun
I dug for them no graves
Their bodies open for the world to see

I opened up my car to them
My face is known 'round town
The police got my voice on tape
But still can't track me down

The truth is no one cares
When poor girls disappear
Like ponzis for the killers that you fear

Oh how could you
Let it slide
Track Name: Crest
I feel alive today
A joy I can't contain
Sometimes the air I breathe does hurt my lungs
From all the songs I've sung