Sunburning EP

by Duncan Park

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leaveseclipse thumbnail
leaveseclipse Another brilliant addition to your catalogue, loving the new direction. This feels more complete than Holy Girl did, Song for John in particular is great Favorite track: Song for John.
mossed thumbnail
mossed Different... Not as good as the first two, but definitely on the way to a promising new sound. Favorite track: Potholes.
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Songs inspired by South Africa, drought, Sudan, John Martyn, potholes, love and fear.


released July 28, 2017

Written, recorded, performed, etc, by Duncan Park

Cover photo by Joy Park



all rights reserved


Duncan Park Durban, South Africa

Acid blues and psych folk - usually acoustic; sometimes electronic.

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Track Name: Valley of Desolation
As I walk through the valley of desolation
With the blinding sun and the scorch of death
Under wings of false hope I found a sweet sensation
With the hands of the gods laid upon my head

(They told me)
Don't you ever rest easy
Come back blessed
By the sins of the wicked
And the cling of the dead
Got you on investigation
Picking your bones
Of the flesh and the blood
That feeds our souls

(I said)
Don't come upon me
Lying in the wind
Of honesty and virtue
Hideous doom
Does await by my window
But not from you
I won't give you the pleasure
I'll spit on your tombs

And I never told a lie except when it counts
And I yelled at the clouds but the rain still held
Though I thrash in my bed and I sweat when I sleep
No curse is upon me I'm finally free

Don't send me no wishes to get back safe
I have fought all my life I have struggled against
The aimless violent blade of fate
The razor upon which I dance and create my fate

I will not bow down
To your bludgeoning doctrines
I will not lay idly by
As you blister our eyes with the sun
I will keep fighting
And walk to the end of this earth and time
I will make my home
In the valley of desolation
Track Name: Song for John
Don’t wanna know
About evil
Oh I’m going over the hill

You said
Sunshine is better
On the other side of the road

I want you to know
That I never made my bed out in the cold

Even when you lay there
Out on the cobbles
I still loved you
And I sang one for the road

The grass was greener
The air was sweeter
The beer was colder
The weed was stronger

And life was more beautiful
With your music in my ears
Track Name: The Nameless Drone
In the questioning minds of our ancestors
There has forever been a drone
Categorised as the Tao by some
The true reality which exists behind
This thin veil of tangible existence
Which stirs like a tempest beneath our feet
And under our skin
And drives our brothers and sisters to
Insanity to which they gladly succumb
And find escape from this true madness
In which we exist
And lose themselves in the Nameless Drone
of their minds

And having given themselves over to an
Existence which is openly choiceless
And not driven by a facade of autonomy
They are free to explore that which
Inhibits and inhabits their psyche, their flesh
A dialogue with the stranger within
An act of madness in the echelons of sane society
But perhaps the closest we ever come to understanding
A process of assimilation with the
Nameless Drone
Which binds us all

And fear is our strongest emotion
The principle deciding factor
In our actions and choices
The greatest inhibitant towards
Our embrace with one another
Through the Nameless Drone itself
It drives us away from our loved ones
For fear of being hurt
Away from new acquaintances
For fear of rejection
Away from ambition
For fear of failure
Away from ourselves
For fear of self loathing

But it is in the hurt, the rejection
The failure, the self loathing
That we experience those feelings
Which are so personal, yet are felt
By everyone
It is this, personal experience
Of internal conditions felt by
Everyone, which demonstrates the power
Of the Nameless Drone which binds
Us all together
Living forever
In fear
Of the limitless nature
Of Never.
Track Name: Potholes
Well I’ve been riding with my Chirikins
I don’t know just where we will go
Across this dried up landscape
Of sand and dirt and grass and potholes
But there’s one thing that I’m sure about
That we will never truly know
All the nameless and the damned of us
Who haunt the countryside like ghosts

Oh I used to be like one of them
I said I’d hitchhike to Sudan
In Rwanda I would save gorillas
In a way that no-one ever saved man
And while you’re riding on an elephant
I can see its tears
For the life that you have stripped of it
And loneliness it’s felt for years

Well I don’t know
Where we go
It’s too fast
To say no
I don’t know
Where we go
As we hit
Those potholes

Well I’m waiting for my colleague
To just shut his stupid aimless mouth
And I’m dreaming of the evening
When we’re home and in bed at our house
For every moment that we wake
I wish that I could be with you
But our savings must accumulate
So that we can retire too

[Chorus] x2